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About Us

BetArena is a well known Romanian sports betting company founded in 2010.

BetArena has brought a unique concept on the Romania's Betting & Gaming market, differentiating itself from the rest of all others retail Operators by being an entertainment spot. Seen as a betting sport pub, the company grew to become one of the most likeed and trusted by the bettors.

BetArena offered the Romanian punters the ideal space to live their passion for sports betting and slots. BetArena has become the word that best describes the atmosphere in which you are enjoying a winning bet, or you find resources for profitable comebacks. A space in which you become a mentor for a first time bettor, a space where you can bragg with your experience, inspiration and ability to filter the information in order to hit big wins!

BetArena is cool, surprising, fun, rebellious, nonconformist. It is your homeground where you feel you can test any strategy you wish, in order to score winning bets.

In 2018, BetArena saw that the bettors want to promote to the next level, so, it took them to the online league. The company migrated it's operations #onweb, where bettors can take advantage of the friendliest betting platform that offers them not only the best bettors experience, but also a better product and a wider offer than the ones from retail shops.

Always keeping up with a constantly changing world, with Tech evolution and with the needs of it's bettors, BetArena became is just like her players: offensive, spectacular, capable of historical victories.