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Game regulation

  1. General terms
  2. Betting terms and conditions
  3. Special validation rules
  4. Bets on total games - Handicap games
  5. Types of bets
  6. Live betting

Game regulation for distance betting

1. General Terms

  1. THE CUSTOMER is the major person (who is 18 years old), that has a valid online account and has signed a „Game Agreement” with the Organizer.
  2. THE CONTRACT between the Organizer and the Client is the "betting slip" (hereinafter referred to as TICKET), issued and registered on the organizer's online platform. The contract includes one or more bets.
  3. THE BET is a gamble in which the customer must indicate the results of events proposed by the organizer. The customer decides independently the number and type of events that he bets and the amount to which the value of the winnings depends.
  4. THE NULL BET is the bet that, for objective reasons - according to this „Game Regulation”, receives after its performance the odd 1,00. For bets with one or multiple selections per ticket, the final win will be calculated considering the odds of 1,00 for the selection / selections declared invalid.
  5. THE STAKE is the amount of money the Client wishes to play on a ticket or event.
  6. THE EVENTS proposed for betting by the Organizer are included in the offer (named List) published on the site.
  7. THE LIST contains the following data: Competitors (as a general rule, the host team is entered on the left, even if the event takes place on a neutral ground), the odds set for the possible outcome of the event, any other data of interest (conditions / Event play on a neutral ground, etc.), day and time of the event start.
  8. The information in the list regarding start time is only indicative.
  9. THE ODD is a numerical value that the Organizer gives to a forecast.
  10. SINGLE BET is the bet where the customer chooses a single selection on a single event. The bet is winner if the forecast chosen by the customer is indicated correctly. The winning amount is determined by multiplying the odd by the stake.
  11. THE ACCUMULATOR BET is the bet where the customer chooses multiple selections (minimum 2) from different events for the game ticket. Two or more selections from the same event cannot be selected on accumulator bet. The final odd is determined by multiplying odds from each selection. The bet is winning if all the picks chosen by the customer are indicated correctly. The winning amount is determined by multiplying the final odd (multiplying odds) with stake.
  12. THE SYSTEM BET involves selecting multiple events (minimum 2) for which the customer opts for a minimum condition to indicate correct predictions. The number of variants is mathematically determined by the formula of the „n” combinations taken as „k”. The ticket will show the number of combinations associated with each type of system.
  13. SIMPLE SYSTEM - assumes the correct determination of the minimum number of predictions, in which case the maximum win is calculated by a mathematical algorithm taking into account the stake played and the events odds for which exact predictions were given.
  14. FIXED EVENT SYSTEM - In addition to events in the system, other events for which the correct prediction is mandatory must be selected. This system is a combination of single/accumulator bets and simple system. The maximum payout depends on the stake played, the odds of the fixed events and the odds of the events in the system.

Example: If a customer chooses 4 matches and plays system 3 of 4 means that he has played 4 possible combinations. We suppose that the 4 events have odds: odd 1, odd 2, odd 3, odd 4 and the stake on the ticket is 4 lei. The client has played 4 variants with stake / variant 4 1ei / 4 variants = 1 leu. The four variants are the following:

Odd l * odd 2 * odd 3 * 1 (stake/variant) = win 1
Odd l * odd 2 * odd 4 * 1 (stake/variant) = win 2
Odd l * odd 3 * odd 4 * 1 (stake/variant) = win 3
Odd 2 * odd 3 * odd 4 * 1(stake/variant) = win 4

If the player has all four winning predictions then he will get the maximum win: win l + win 2 + win 3 + win 4.

If the player has a single lost forecast then he will earn the winning according to the winning option with the 3 selections indicated correctly.

If the player has two or more lost predictions, his bet is no longer in the minimum and will be lost.

  1. The odds of events set by the Organizer may fluctuate over time, but the odd accepted by the customer and entered on the ticket remains valid irrespective of the subsequent changes, except as provided in the Regulation.
  2. In the event of display ERRORS, ticket errors or errors in the system, the Organizer reserves the right to consider betting as invalid or to validate it using the correct odds (possibly an average of the market share of the same event) Even if errors are discovered after the end of the event.
  3. The customer selects the desired bets from the list, sets the odds, the amount of money he wishes to play (stake) and the bet type. Based on these elements, the customer concludes the "betting contract" materialized by registering the ticket.
  4. These rules (General Rules) will be necessary on both sides (Organizer - Client) who establish relationships for the purpose of placing a bet.
  5. All bets received by the Organizer will only be valid if the rules of the game have been respected.
  6. As a distance gambling organizer, BETARENA INTERACTIVE LIMITED, provides an online platform where customers can register, under the law conditions. The game rules (hereinafter referred to as "Regulation") are made available to customers and interested parties on the company's online platform at betarena.ro.
  7. This Regulation lays down the provisions applicable to all betting contracts (hereinafter referred to as CONTRACTS) concluded between BETARENA INTERACTIVE LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "THE ORGANIZER") and any natural person (hereinafter referred to as the CLIENT).
  8. The organizer reserves the right to make changes to this regulation, as they see fit, only with the approval of the National Gaming Office (hereinafter ONJN). Customers should review the Regulation at regular intervals to keep up with any changes.
  9. The Organizer will update the Regulation with any changes after their approval by the ONJN. The continued use of the Organizer's services indicates that the Client accepts the current version of the regulation.
  10. By concluding any contract, the client declares on his own responsibility that he does not know the outcome of the sporting events he bets, that he has the full capacity to dispose of the funds used to conclude the contract and that he has read, understands and fully agrees with the provisions of this Regulation.
  11. All bets made by customers are valid and no bet can be withdrawn. It is the full responsibility of customers to check all bets before placing and confirming them.
  12. The Company reserves the right to totally or partially reject any bets, for whatever reason.
  13. If a bet is declared void, the stakes will be redeemed and the odds will be set at 1,00.
  14. The odds are subject to fluctuations and can therefore be modified or adjusted. All bets will be settled at the odds offered at the time the bet was registered.
  15. Betarena does not allow bets on events where the customer is directly involved. This category includes players, referees, coaches, jury members, etc. If a customer is suspected of betting on an event where he is involved, BetArena reserves the right to cancel these bets.
  16. Betarena reserves the right to consider void bets if there are radical changes in conditions such as a team start a match with fewer players than the maximum number stipulated by the rules, change the duration of the event, the length of the race, the number of innings etc.