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Responsible Gambling Test

Responsible Gaming

BetArena commits itself to maintaining a social responsibility in the relationship between gamblers and the online gaming products that the platform provides to the customer for the sole purpose of entertainment and recreation.

Responsible gambling is one of the basic principles of online betting that BetArena encourages. Our goal is to provide our clients with a different experience, high-quality entertainment services, experience that can be controlled through methods of counseling and supporting - to those customers who give signs of addictive behavior, signs that they lost the balance in betting or to those who give signs of viciousness.

Procedures issued by the company will protect customers when they show irresponsible gaming behavior.

For us to figure out when certain limits of irresponsible gambling are reached, we are trying to detect certain patterns of behavior, and every employee who interacts with the client is ready to detect those patterns which demonstrate that the person might need counseling regarding gambling.

Protection of minors

BetArena’s policies completely prohibit minors from accessing the game platform. For a visitor to www.betarena.ro to be able to create a game account on the platform, it must meet certain conditions, the first being the minimum age of 18.

According to KYC, customer identity checks are quite detailed, so that customers who do not meet the legal requirements will not be able to login to the site, to place bets and generally use BetArena services.

To ensure that information to prohibit the access to minors, reaches all the people who visit our site, the follow-up measures have been taken as regards the posters on the platform on this subject:

Measures for a responsible gaming

In cases where the situations listed above encountered, both in the activity of the clients and in their communication with the support agents, the company reserves the right to take measures to correct the compulsive betting or to advise the client in relation to the gambling addict by providing guidance to specialist psychological counseling by providing detailed information on these issues by recommending specialized sites for “Responsible Gaming”etc.

The measures that BetArena will take to support the responsible gaming, are as follows:

The limits that a client can set in his account can be the next type: daily, weekly or monthly.

If a customer considers it necessary to self-limit betting, he must communicate this to the support department by phone, email, or chat. The limits will apply as soon as possible (in maximum 24 hours after the request -excepting the deposit limit). The client will also be informed about the game addiction and will be provided with a dedicated website for psychological counseling (http://www.rombet.com/jocul-responsabil).

In situations where a customer requests TIME OUT from his player account, he will be questioned about the dependency of gambling and he will be provided with explicit information about it (http://www.rombet.com/jocul-responsabil).

In situations where a client requests self-exclusion from the online gaming platform (by e-mail, chat or phone to support department), the access to his player account will be blocked at the time of request and for next period:

Under the laws in force, BetArena will keep a database of the accounts that will be blocked by "self-exclusion", according to the clients' wishes. This database will be sent, upon request, to the competent authorities in case they want to check the evidence of people at high risk of addiction to gambling.

The customer may specify the period for which he wants to exclude himself from the gaming platform and after that time his account can be unlocked at the customer’s request (for temporary self-exclusion – the minimum period is 7 days and for permanent self-exclusion the minimum period is of 6 months). To be able to unlock his account after this period, the client must contact the support department (by email, phone, or chat) and make a request to lift the restriction. Within 24 hours of the request for unblocking, the restriction will be lifted and the customer will be able to access the player account.

The self-exclusion period is not reversible. Once the account is blocked, it will remain so, until the end of the desired period requested by the customer (in temporary self-exclusion case) or at the client request after at least 6 months from the restriction of the account (in permanent self-exclusion case).

According to "terms and conditions", BetArena advises the clients, before making a request of self-exclusion from the platform to empty the player account by making a withdrawal, through the last deposit method used in the account, for which he has already sent documents according to the KYC procedure.

If one of BetArena's clients requires for self-exclusion from the platform, but his account balance is not "0", then one of the following cases will apply:

When a customer wishes to block their account, exclude himself, set limits, or make any changes to his player account, he must provide proof of account ownership: the email address they recorded on the platform: the phone number registered in account, all details of his identity, according to the identity document and the method he is accustomed to deposit (card number). These steps are taken to ensure that the account holder is the one requesting blocking / auto-exclusion / setting limits on the respective account.

During the period when the client has applied one of the blocking, different kind of limitation or self-exclusion (temporary or permanent) restrictions to the account, he will not receive any form of marketing material or promotional campaign from the company.

In situations where gambling addiction will be reported to third parties about certain players on our game platform, we will take the necessary steps to supervise the client's account and investigate his activity. No kind of restriction will be applied to a client's account, excluding the circumstances in which the account holder requests this.

If we receive such notifications or if certain suspicions are raised on some customers, we will send a questionnaire to the specific customer via e-mail asking questions about the betting mode, a questionnaire that is found also on the site http://www.rombet.com/chestionar.

Depending on customer responses, we will guide them to psychological counseling or keep them under surveillance.

Training of employees

All BetArena Interactive Ltd. employees who interact with our clients will be trained to know what the responsible gaming is and how to differentiate a player with normal activity, from one that might be addicted to gambling.

In the support department, there will be a person responsible for communicating with clients who show signs of addiction to guide them either through psychological consultation or the practices of responsible gaming.

Advice for players

BetArena reserves the right to request proof of age and identity of the player at any time so as to effectively enforce the ban on minors' access to this site.

The site can be accessed for registration only if you have reached the legal age of legal residence in your country of residence. If you are less than 18 years of age and have not reached legal age in your country, you may not use the site, services and applications and violate this agreement if you fail to comply with the laws of your country and / or the age stipulated in Terms and condition

Any player registered on www.betarena.ro must provide an identification method, a location address, an email address, and a phone number. These must be valid when submitted for registration.

All information contained in the registration form on www.betarena.ro must be true, correct, complete and corresponds to the name(s) appearing on credit cards used for deposits and earnings payments. We reserve the right to cancel your User Agreement if the information provided on www.betarena.ro is false, wrong, incorrect or incomplete.

It is the responsibility of any player to inform us as soon as possible of any change to the information you provide us.

Prior to the completion of the registration process, in addition to reading, accepting and signing the "General Terms and Conditions" and Privacy Policy and Cookies, the player is required to certify that has reached legal age in his country of residence and has no another active player account on www.betarena.ro.

We recommend to our clients that in the moment they decide to gamble, to make sure they are not negatively influenced by the following aspects:

We recommend that during your gambling experience you should take into consideration the following aspects:

If you wish to have a self-evaluation regarding a possible gambling addiction, please acces the button „Responsible Gambling Test” – button which will direct you to the questionnaire for responsible gaming belonging to the association of online gambling operators, ROMBET.

If, at any stage, you become concerned about your gambling behavior, consider that gambling has become a negative experience or you simply want to find out more regarding Responsible Gaming, the support department at Betarena is there for you 24/7 with any advice, information or guidance towards specialized psychological counseling – contact us by phone number (021) 9093, by e-mail: suport@betarena.ro or by clicking the „LIVE CHAT” button.