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Terms and conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Deposits / withdrawals policy (financial transactions)
  3. Bonus Awarding and Use Policy
  4. Limitation of liability
  5. Security
  6. Resolution of complaints
  7. General Aspects and Personal Data Protection

1. Terms and conditions

Welcome to the www.betarena.ro website.

Throughout the entire website, all subdomains and in all documents, BetArena (or “Company”) means BETARENA INTERACTIVE LIMITED, a company registered no. C81168, headquartered in Malta, Level G, (Office 1/5597), Quantum House, 75 Abate Rigord Street, Ta’Xbiex XBX 1120, VAT Number MT24479729, e-mail: suport@betarena.ro, company authorized in Romania for the organization and operation of gambling through www.betarena.ro (hereinafter "Services").

By opening an account through registering, connecting, use of services, participation in games, acceptance of any prize, a visitor or an account holder fully understands and agrees:

By "BetArena rules" we refer to all “Terms and Conditions” that constitute a complete agreement, definitive and exclusive between the account holder or visitor and BetArena, which governs all contractual relationships between BetArena and the account holder or visitor. BetArena rules replace and incorporate all previous agreements, declarations and arrangement of any kind between account holder and BetArena.

BetArena can update, modify, edit and complete the BetArena rules at any time. Any substantial updates to the rules is notified in advance by BetArena to the account holder prior its entry into force. Continued use of the service after the date of the changes, confirms your acceptance of these changes.

For all BetArena rules all references stated in singular form will apply also to the plural from and vice-versa. All references stated in definite article will apply to indefinite article and vice-versa.

Any right not granted in these "Terms and Conditions" is reserved.

Player register policy

  1. In order to fully utilize the services offered by BetArena Interactive Ltd., you must open an account by registering on the website and providing at least the following information:
    • Personal identification number for Romania, which at the time of registration must confirm that the player is at least 18 years old/ Passport number (only for foreign citizens who access the website from Romanian teritory but do not have residence in Romania)
    • Complete name and surname
    • Phone number
    • Full address of residence
    • Valid, personal e-mail address
    • Username
    • Password
  2. Once the account has been registered, a user will be able to deposit a maximum of 900 RON or equivalent in Euro according to the exchange rate of the bank that issued the card, before the client's identity verification process is completed.
  3. All registered accounts on the betarena.ro game platform muts finalize the KYC (know your customer) procedure by submitting the solicited documents (the documents have to certify the informations provideed in the register form) in maximum 30 days after the registration. Otherwise the account will be closed, and all available funds retained and transferred to the State Budget until the 10-th of the following month to the month the funds were retained. In the event of death during the KYC procedure, the funds will be paid to the heirs in accordance with applicable law. Also, according with the activity of the player, we can request other documents to help verify the identity of the user or the payment methods registered in the account.
  4. In case a user creates an account on betarena.ro platform and has not made any transaction within 30 days from the date of registration and also has not finalized the KYC process by sending the documents for his identity verification, then his account will be blocked until sending the documents requested.
  5. Minors cannot register and cannot use BetArena Interactive Ltd. services. By registering an account, the person requesting the account creation expressly states that he has 18 years old and agrees to provide any evidence showing his age and agrees to go through any check in order to verify the information provided in the registration process. Any account may be suspended at any time until BetArena receives information that is considered satisfactory by which the age of the account holder can be verified.
  6. A person wishing to register warrants and declares that any information provided to BetArena is true and correct. Otherwise, BetArena will not register that person, and if the person has already been registered, BetArena will block the account after becoming aware through any means that the person has provided false information when it was registered as a player.
  7. A person requesting an account acknowledges and agrees:
    • BetArena rules and any possible future update of these rules;
    • The place of the contract is in Romania;
    • That the contract is governed by:
      • BetArena rules, as published in the Romanian language;
      • Any measures or decisions taken by the competent authorities;
      • The law applicable in the place of the contract.
  8. A person who opens an account also ensures and declares:
    • To not be confined or constrained in any way;
    • To not act on behalf of another person;
    • To not be an employee of BetArena;
    • To not be a professional sports player or official involved in any Competition or League for which BetArena offers betting events;
    • To not be classified as a problem gambler and is not included in any registry or database of excluded players;
    • That the money played is not derived from criminal activity and / or other unauthorized activities;
    • To not deposit money through methods of payment that he is not authorized to use;
    • To not engage in criminal activities in which a BetArena account is involved directly or indirectly;
    • To not use the BetArena services if this is illegal in his country of residence;
    • To ensure that his use of the site and services BetArena is legal;
    • To not consider the website, the services or the content offensive, questionable, unfair or indecent in any way;
    • To maintain his BetArena account details updated;
    • To respect current legislation on reporting to tax authorities and other public authorities of gains / losses / withdrawals and other data arising from the use of the BetArena account.
  9. BetArena has the right at any time and on its own decision to:
    • Refuse to open a BetArena account and / or terminate or suspend an existing account supplying the player and authorities with a motivated decision, accompanied by documents if they are implied;
    • For situations when BetArena decides to suspend the tranfers from or into a players account due to breaches of “Terms and Conditions” and other legal provisions, BetArena will communicate to the player a justified decision with its related documentation. A copy of the decision, certified to be true to the original document will be sent to ONJN within 3 business days.
    • Refuse money deposit transactions without explanation;
    • Request documents at any time and any other writings to verify the identity of the account holder, the right to use a particular method of payment as well as other data and information provided in any means by a player account holder. During investigations of this type, player accounts or different features may be suspended where appropriate;
    • Withhold or confiscate funds available in a BetArena account and / or reject any pretense, where, directly or indirectly: BetArena rules were violated or any unauthorized activities were committed in connection with a betting event or If operating of a BetArena account was made fraudulently or was a violation of law or other regulations (including fraud and cheating of any kind);
    • Suspend or cancel the participation of an account holder in games, promotions or other services when BetArena believes that there is suspicion of any kind that a BetArena account is, has been or could be used for fraudulent or dishonest practices;
    • Suspend or cancel the participation of an account holder in games, promotions or other services and to retain or confiscate funds available in the holder account if it is found that the account owner has cheated or is found cheating or if it is established by BetArena that the account holder has used, or attempted to use any system (hardware or software, but not limited to) in order to alter the software or BetArena game platform.
  10. Each customer can only have one accounton betarena.ro. If multiple accounts are identified as belonging to a single client, we reserve the right to suspend / close and / or treat them as a single account after our own evaluation and decision. BetArena may reallocate funds to a single account in some cases, excluding bonuses that cannot be reallocated. Extra credited bonuses can be recovered from the funds available in multiple accounts of the same person.
  11. The account created on the betarena.ro game platform is for personal use only and will not be used for professional, business or commercial purposes, it is also forbidden to grant access to your personal account to third parties or a minor.
  12. A BetArena account may be closed by contacting Customer Support Department via the contact data and resources available on the website.
  13. We advise users of our services to request that players' accounts to be closed only after they have ensured that the balance of the account is zero "0" by performing the withdrawal of the existing amounts. Otherwise, the balances will be returned to the player by one of the available deposit methods or the last method used by the client to make a deposit in the player's account (The Company reserves its right to choose the method through which the funds will be returned according to each situation, making sure that it is the best solution for both the Company and the client).
  14. Accounts closed following self-exclusion due to concerns about gambling dependence or following a BetArena decision can be reopened either through a request made by the player himself/herself to the Support Department (if 6 months passed since the self-exclusion request or the temporary self-exclusion period passed), either by written request from the client (when other competent authorities are involved in the decision of re-opening the account, or it is required by law to have a written request). Any attempt to create a new account is prohibited. If a player succeeds in opening a new account, BetArena is not liable for any damage or subsequent customer claims. Opened accounts that violate this section may be closed at any time.
  15. If BetArena closes accounts for the following reasons:
    • It was requested by the competent authorities, police, judicial sentence
    • You have used the site for illegal purposes and / or fraudulently
    • You have deceived the company and / or have obtained profits unjustly
  16. Then we reserve the right to recover all claims arising from such lawsuits.

Player account funds

  1. BetArena accounts are different from bank accounts and do not offer any interest on amounts held in the account,
  2. BetArena manages players funds in a safe and appropriate manner according to legal provisions,
  3. BetArena guarantees all player funds immediately available for withdrawal in a separate account from operating funds. BetArena keeps the guaranteed funds required by the Romanian regulator, worth of 200,000 Euro, in a separate Raiffeisen Bank Romania Account. BetArena also keeps the player funds separate from the Corporate Account, in a different Players Funds Account within Raiffeisen Bank Romania. Funds from the Player Funds Account balance will be reviewed once a week in the first working day of the week and the operational revenue will be transferred to the Corporate Bank Account.
  4. In case that the payment methods used are not valid anymore, the player will be notified in maximum 5 working days, in which case a new request of withdrawal is necessary using a valid payment method, in maximum 12 months from the notice. The request will be processed after the new method is verified. After the period of 12 months, all unclaimed funds will be sent to the state budget according to the legal provisions.
  5. In the situation when one account was closed due to reason not attributable to the player, the existing funds in the balance (excluding bonus money) will be refunded to the player, without fees in maximum 10 working days.

General provisions

  1. You agree that in the event of significant wins or Jackpot wins, your name or username or other information regarding the wins, stakes or your user account to be used in promotional campaigns or information for free by the organizer.
  2. By using our services, you agree to receive messages with offers, news, updates, promotions or useful information through BetArena or group companies through the data provided in the registration process. You may unsubscribe from this communication by contacting us.
  3. The site www.betarena.ro uses Cookies to provide fast and efficient services and also because we want our players to benefit from the best gambling experience while on our website and to have access to the best services. To find out more information regarding the use of Cookies on our website please access the section “Cookie Policy”.

2. Deposits / withdrawals policy (financial transactions)

  1. BetArena services with real money can be used only if there are funds in your player account
  2. Deposits and withdrawals to / from your player account are made only through a financial institution or a payment processor.
  3. The procedures, conditions, limitations, commissions, taxes, availability and other information about deposits and withdrawals may be different depending on the period and the financial institution or payment processor. Up to date information is available after connecting to the account, in the "Cashier" section.
  4. BetArena will not process any withdrawal of funds without verification of the authenticity of previously provided data and the fairness in obtaining the winnings.
  5. By making a deposit, you are obliged to provide us with all the data and information necessary to verify the identity and account data. Failure to provide information within the period established by law may lead to account suspension, cancellation of winnings and return of amounts in the player's account up to the amount originally deposited.
  6. Funds deposited into the player account may be intended only for participating in games or using the BetArena services. Any other circumstance will result in closing the player account and taking all legal measures.
  7. Deposits and withdrawals in the BetArena account can only be made by the account holder in person and / or through personal payment methods.
  8. BetArena does not offer any form of credit in the player account and the stakes are accepted only if there are adequate funds to cover the stake and if the necessary funds come from methods and means approved or validated winnings.
  9. BetArena will only allow withdrawals to be made with the same payment method used by the account holder to make deposits. In case such payment method becomes unavailable for a particular player account, BetArena will transfer the funds into a bank account indicated by the account holder. Also, for cases when the account holder deceased, BetArena will transfer the withdrawable balance of the account to the legal successors, on the basis of legal documents which certify their capacity, in a bank account indicated by them.
  10. Depending on verifications made for an account or depending on the payment method, deposit or withdrawal limits can be applied.
  11. Depending on verifications made for an account or depending on the payment method, withdrawal fees can be applied as detailed in the "Cashier", after accessing the player account.
  12. BetArena or any competent authority can monitor or examine all transactions and transaction history in order to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing. All suspicious transactions will be reported to the competent authorities.
  13. BetArena has the right to block a BetArena account when a deposit return was requested associated with this account.
  14. If an account has been blocked due to a deposit return and the account holder:

3. Bonus Awarding and Use Policy

  1. BetArena occasionally organizes marketing campaigns that can include awarding bonuses to customers in various forms.
  2. The full terms and conditions, clauses and specific details are defined in the terms and conditions of each bonus separately.
  3. Bonuses may be subject to minimum requirements, but not limited to bets made, games played, financial transactions.
  4. Bonuses or winnings from bonus amounts received may be withdrawn only after the fulfillment of minimum requirements as defined.
  5. BetArena reserves the right to cancel any bonus of any customer, at any time and for any reason. If a customer bonus is canceled, BetArena reserves the right to cancel bets with that bonus.
  6. Some bonuses may be granted by BetArena only to a customer or groups of customers restricted to its own discretion.
  7. BetArena decisions on bonuses are final.
  8. Bonus abuse may include one of the following situations, but not limited to:
    • Violation in any way of the terms and conditions;
    • Opening multiple accounts in order to receive more bonuses and run the amounts required to release bonuses;
    • Placing bets by a customer or group of customers which due to bonuses ensures guaranteed profits regardless of the outcome of events that have been bet on.
  9. Where there is a suspicion of any type of abuse concerning a bonus, BetArena may withhold bonuses and winnings, cancel any active or future bonus, block or limit access to some bets and products, close the account and recover sums lost through player account or through legal means.

4. Limitation of liability

  1. BetArena rules version displayed on the website is the one that prevails.
  2. BetArena is not responsible for providing legal advice on tax or taxes, duties or other aspects of gambling regulations and more. BetArena recommends all users to fully respect the Romanian legislation.
  3. Account holder will not use the services, will not open, will not use or reuse a BetArena account and will not accept a prize if they do not fully understand, do not accept, is unwilling to follow the BetArena rules without any a kind of exception, as they may be modified from time to time.
  4. BetArena does not accept and acknowledge any responsibility for any damage or loss, directly or indirectly, as a result of situations like those below:
    • Use of payment methods that do not belong to the account holder;
    • Providing incomplete or incorrect data to BetArena;
    • Granting access to the BetArena account to a third party.
  5. BetArena is not responsible for the protection of data and applications from your device
  6. Protection of personal data and the data stored on their own devices are the responsibilities of the account holder
  7. Connection and participation in games are the responsibilities of the account holder
  8. BetArena cannot be liable in any way for situations, losses, damages, direct or indirect arising from events or situations like:
    • Error, misprint, misinterpretation, erroneous hearing, erroneous reading, erroneous translation, misspelling, incorrect reading, transaction error, technical failures, technical risk, registration error, obvious error, cancellation, for whatever reason, of a game, contingency and / or any other similar event;
    • Violation of rules;
    • Collusion and / or criminal acts;
    • Advice given by BetArena;
    • Faults in BetArena's central computer system or any of its parts thereof, delays, losses or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunication system or any other data transmission system; and / or
    • Risks and financial losses, including, but not limited to, variations in exchange rates.
  9. The services offered on the website are only for entertainment. The user is not obligated in any way to use the services and such participation, if the account holder opts in this respect, is the exclusive choice, decision and risk of the account holder. Account holder’s interest towards the services and the website is personal and not professional. The account holder accesses the site for their own entertainment. Any other entrance, access, use or reuse of services and / or the site from the account holder / player is prohibited.
  10. BetArena does not recognize and does not accept any liability if there is a mistake in the content of notifications of any kind or if the account holder does not receive notifications. Notifications are for the benefit of the account holder.
  11. Any information displayed on this site is informative, and neither we nor our partners or suppliers accept any liability for inaccurate, incomplete, inaccurate, delays in displaying any information or for actions of the account holder resulting from them.
  12. If the participation to services by the account holder is interrupted due to a failure of the telecommunications system or the computer system belonging to the account holder, preventing him from continuing to use the services after placing a stake, BetArena will take all reasonable measures to ensure that its authorized computer system allows the account holder to resume, at revamping the system, participation in services as immediately before the interruption. If the system does not allow the account holder to do so, BetArena will:

5. Security

  1. The user chooses at his own discretion a password that meets our standards of minimum safety and user name that is not already used by another client. User is under an obligation not to disclose any personal information, including his username or password to anyone. If you believe someone has learned your personal data or have been disclosed, you are obliged to immediately contact customer service or to log in and change your password.
  2. Any communication by any method may be stored in our records for statistical purposes, to meet legal requirements and to respond promptly and accurately to users' requirements.
  3. It is illegal to use or abuse of an error or incompleteness situation on the site and / or client application and / or software and / or services provided. In case of such a situation, highly unlikely, the user has the following immediate obligations:
    • To not take advantage of the situation discovered;
    • To maintain complete confidentiality of the situation;
    • Immediately contact and inform BetArena regarding the occurred situation.

    If the above clause is not respected by the user, then BetArena:

    • May seek compensation for costs resulted from the error and for the subsequent damage;
    • Can block the user account in question, can freeze amounts of an account and use the proceeds to cover any loss that has arisen.
  4. BetArena complies with the “General Data protection regulation” and other applicable regulations, legal advice and / or similar instruments in force, at the place of the contract, taking into account the Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46 / CE) and the Directive on the confidentiality of electronic communications (Directive 2002/58 / CE as amended by Directive 2009/136 / CE).
  5. By accepting the present agreement, you give your consent that your personal data will be stored and processed by BetArena in order to improve the service delivered to you.
  6. By accepting the present agreement, you express your consent that BetArena can use your personal information for the purposes of marketing communication, therefore the information can be transmitted to our marketing partners (network provider, bank, payment providers, affiliates, etc.). This information will be kept under the same confidentiality policy also by BetArena's marketing partners.
  7. You have also acknowledged that you are guaranteed the rights provided by law, namely the right to information, the right of access to data, the right to intervene, the right to object, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to address justice in case of violation of its rights guaranteed by the Romanian Law 677/2001 for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of such data. At the same time, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to request the deletion of all or part of it. Please note that some personal data, such as game session history or call history, are data that cannot be deleted on demand because it is required by law to store such data for a definite period of time.
  8. BetArena will ensure that at least one of the following conditions are met in order to process the data:
    • The person has given consent to the processing (registration process, accepting our terms and conditions);
    • The processing is necessary for creating a contract with the person;
    • The processing is necessary under a legal obligation;
    • The processing is necessary to protect the person's interests;
    • The processing is necessary for public functions, for example administration of justice;
    • The processing is necessary to pursue our legitimate interests or interests to third parties.
  9. Sometimes we may be required to disclose your user data through a court order or to comply with other legal requirements. We will use reasonable efforts to notify you before doing so, unless we are prohibited to do so.

6. Resolution of complaints

If you want to make a complaint about our services, please send an e-mail to the customer service department, the e-mail address and other data of contact are located on our website in the “support” section. BetArena will ensure whenever possible a prompt resolution of the issues raised. Sometimes, however, more detailed investigations, imply obtaining data from third party suppliers (payment processors, gaming providers etc) which may cause delays in responses and resolution of complaints. In these cases, you will be notified accordingly.

BetArena will respond to applicants or Authorities on complaints, providing results of the investigation within 14 days of issuing the complaint. If for any reason you are unhappy with how BetArena solved your problem, you can complain to the National Office for Gambling. More details can be found on the institution's website: http://onjn.gov.ro

Client’s complaints will be kept in the Customer Support database for minimum 2 years from the date it was submitted or at the BetArena correspondence address for the complaints received through landbased post office. Upon request these complaints will be sent to ONJN and other competent authorities, according to Personal Data Processing Legislation.

In order to meet the deadline of 14 days, you are obliged to provide us with accurate and complete information about your identity and relevant details about the reason for your complaint, otherwise this term may be extended.

In the event of circumstances not foreseen in the "Terms and Conditions", the Organizer has the right to decide fairly, accurately and in mutual agreement.

7. General Aspects and Personal Data Protection

BetArena respects the rights of confidentiality and is dedicated to protecting the personal data and to using it appropriately.

The collection of personal data is organized only after prior informing the users, on all specific details regarding this process, both for the situations when users willingly sends his data and for the situations user data is generated and collected along using the BetArena website.

Once collected, we will ensure that any processing of your personal data is made in accordance with applicable laws for the purposes for which this data was passed to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

BAI has implemented all necessary technical and organizational measures, either physical, electronic or procedural in nature, to protect the privacy and security of personal data.

These measures have been implemented to protect our customers' data against access, destruction, loss, modification, access, disclosure or unauthorized use. Our security controls are designed to maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

By ticking the "ACCEPT” the terms and conditions box, you agree to BetArena's Interactive Ltd. "Terms and Conditions" and you understand and agree that you will not violate the following: